Syldavia: a small controversy

Syldavia: a small controversy

The Balkan country of Syldavia has asked us to help them solve a small controversy. Albaje Tayskir, the king, has been approached by groups with a conflict.  He'd like you to help him sort out the best path for Syldavia.

As an unbiased advisor, can you help us with advice and recommendations, Visitor?  Here's the situation the king is facing:

Two different camps of advisors are recommending...advocating...ok, they're pushing conflicting agendas for environmental cleanup.  Nearly everyone agrees that Syldavia needs to do something about the pollution that is ruining the river Moltus.  It is beginning to threaten wildlife and recreation on Lake Pollishof!  But the king is torn between two seemingly valid camps of opinion.  Each group of experts has decent arguments for their agenda.

IKL Proposal

The Klow Industry Leaders (IKL) originally came to him with a proposal to implement what they've called "a complete cross-industry programme of waste treatment and contaminant clean-up."  All major industries of Syldavia are represented (Klow being the capital, this isn't too difficult).  They advocate implementing strict requirements that each industry will be required to follow, to ensure that any waste, landfill material, effluent, or gaseous exhaust be thoroughly cleaned before being released into the land, rivers, lakes or air of Syldavia.  They propose to have each industry monitor itself for compliance.  They endorse, for example, the "Recommendations to clean up air pollution" position paper from the European Commission.

CSCS Proposal

In the other camp, the Concerned Scientific Community of Syldavia calls the IKL proposal "mere 'end of pipe' thinking which will only result in the contaminants becoming more concentrated and dangerous."  They claim the IKL are just delaying dealing with the problem.  Instead, they advocate what they call a "Clean Technology approach."  This would first encourage, and eventually require, business and industries to change their production methods to reduce and then eliminate production of waste products during operations.  They endorse the RSM report "Clean Technology in Europe,"  and point to the Centric Austrian International materials on "Cleaner Production vs. end of pipe."

The IKL claim the CSCS proposal would be too expensive to implement in a feasible manner.

King Tayskir has reviewed both parties requests and been thoroughly briefed by both camp's advisors but in truth, he's a bit bewildered by the arguments.  All the scientific evidence they're presenting seems valid to him and he remains unsure which programme would be better for Syldavia.

Would you investigate these?  If you have any questions, feel free to email me ( and I'll try to answer as quickly as I can.  When you're ready to advise the king, click through.


Visitor, now that you have the information you need, please prepare a briefing for King Tayskir.  He prefers either reading a single-page written brief, or viewing a short presentation (no more than 5 slides).

Be sure to provide a clear recommendation regarding which camp's proposal he should approve.  He'll want explanations, too, so he can understand why you're recommending whichever one you choose.  He may have to make other decisions related to this one, so knowing the reasoning behind your recommendations will help him make the best choices for Syldavia.

When you've got that put together, link it here and click through for your paycheck.

Thank you, Visitor. This will really help the king make a good, well-founded decision.

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