Syldavia: 2020 and beyond

Syldavia: 2020 and beyond

Syldavia is a small Balkan country in Europe.  They wrote a report last year on their energy situation.  The king, Albaje Tayskir, would like us to comment on several aspects for his planning.

The report issued by their Syldavian Energy Oversight Ministry.

King Tayskir is in the middle of planning for his country to grow, setting projections for the year 2020 and beyond.  He would like to get expert opinions on several items related to energy.  However, he is concerned about neighboring Borduria, which is an aggressive militaristic state that appears to be gearing up for a war.  The king is worried they might be planning to invade Syldavia, or to try to throttle and control their energy supplies.  Some of his questions:

  1. As part of their growth, Syldavia want to increase their renewable energy generation.  How should these plans be altered, considering that they may be facing a threat from Borduria?
  2. Overall energy planning hasn't really been done in Syldavia before.  Rather, their energy infrastructure has grown organically as their civilization developed.  Over the next 20-30 years, the king wants to move to a planned energy infrastructure.  What will he need to consider as he makes this switch; which aspects of the kingdom, and his planning, should be considered with regard to energy and energy security?
  3. Given what you know (from the report and any questions you ask), what would you recommend for Syldavia's near future and long-term energy plans?  How should the kingdom plan to obtain energy for its needs, and why?

He may come up with other questions as this develops; I'll let you know.  Once you've read through this, if you have questions, send email to and I'll try to gather answers for you.  When you're ready to get started with your report, click through to the next stage.

Visitor, now that you have the information you need, please prepare a briefing for King Tayskir.  He prefers either reading a single-page written brief, or viewing a short presentation (no more than 5 slides).

Be sure to provide recommendations regarding his three main questions.  He'll want explanations, too, so he can understand why you're recommending the actions you choose.  He may have to make other decisions, but knowing the reasoning behind your recommendations will help him make the best choices for Syldavia.

When you've got that put together, link it here and click through for your paycheck.

That's turned in, Visitor. The king gave us funding for a bit of an extra thank you.

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