The search is on

The search is on

Visitor, you probably already noticed this is a high-value job, right?  So you'll be expecting it to be a big one.  You won't be wrong.

First step, take a look at this hokey video about the properties of materials.  It's got good information in it, but you might want to speed it up, then pause while you take notes, just to get through it.  Like I said, it's pretty hokey.

OK, you took good notes, right Visitor?  Then you're ready for step 2.

I'd like you to find a better video about the properties of materials that matter to designers.  (Not the full college-engineering properties videos - those are seriously boring.)  Can you find a better one?  If so, link it here.


I'd like you to make a better video about the properties of materials.  Limit is 5 minutes, preferably shorter.  Amusing, entertaining, or thought provoking would all be great.  Good production value, so it represents Nolat Labs well.  Load it on Youtube, then link it here.

Gratz, Visitor and gracias, too!

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