The soft stuff

The soft stuff

If you did a good job studying your properties of materials, Visitor, this will be a job with a soft, gooey, delicious center.  If not, well, you might want to go back and do a bit more studying before you tackle this job.

You remember that we've been asked by the Ministry to reorganize our entire warehouse.  If it was anyone else, I'd tell them to go soak their head for such a crazy suggestion, but this is the Ministry.  So we have to listen.

One thing they want us to do is ensure we have material data sheets (MDS) for all the different material types we use in our warehouse.  We've got a basic form from them, showing what we need to record.  I'm still swamped with the moving and sorting this new organization system requires (you wouldn't believe how many different materials we stock; I certainly didn't).  Can you help me out with the data collection again?

What I need you to do is start with this MDS form from the Ministry, for Plastics.  Fill out the boxes on the front page.  The "Key terminology" box on the back may be of assistance in this.  You can probably find most of what you need to fill the form in at one of the sites listed in our Global Resource Center, in the Mezzanine.

When you've got it filled in, move on to the next stage.

Cracker, Visitor!  The final bit I need are those last two boxes on the back of the form: Design Contexts and Key Characteristics.

Key characteristics and types would be the first one to fill in.  Research what different variations this particular material comes in and document them.  Also document what makes this whole type of material unique.  Which characteristics really define this material?

The other box (Contexts) needs a bit of thought, now that you're more familiar with the material.  When do you think you might use this material (in any of its variations) when designing products?  What specific needs would make it a key material for a given use?  When you've got your ideas recorded, then Bob's your uncle.  File that beast (with Number One) and move on.

That is solid work, Visitor.  Now we'll be ready for the Government Inspection when it comes.  Thanks for your help.  Now I just need to get these plastic sheets sorted out.  Should we sort by color or size first...hmmm.

In the meantime, if you'd like to check yourself on your Plastics knowledge, you can try out the Plastics mini-quiz.

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