Three in one

Three in one

One of our clients has a reporting request.  Care to help?

I'm glad you can help, Visitor.  Go Green Grocery has been a client of Nolat Labs in the past.  They've just heard, on a client survey, that their customers would like them to start using triple-bottom-line reporting.  They've heard about this a little in the news and it sounds like it's related to environmental activism, which is something Go Green Grocery supports in general.

They'd like you to look into how triple-bottom-line reporting would be better than their current reporting.  Right now, they produce a report every six months for their owners (they are a co-operative, owned by the workers and shoppers) about the financials of the business, the "bottom line."  They also write a semi-annual report on the sustainability efforts they're engaged in, both internally and the ones they support through community involvement and donations.  The specific questions they have are:

  1. What would we need to change to fully produce a triple-bottom-line report?
  2. Why would this be better for us?
  3. How should we tell our owners and shoppers about this change?

Because they're busy folks, they'd like this summarized in no more than one page.  Write it up in Google Docs and link your report here.

Thanks!  I'll forward that over to the Grocery.  Could you add one more bit, Visitor?  They've just asked me about another request in that customer survey.  One of their most active customer groups would like to know about their product stewardship with regards to their "Pineapple Puppy."

It's apparently some sort of product they source from plantations down in Costa Rica, using parts of the pineapple plants discarded after the fruit is harvested.  I don't really have many details, but the Grocery would like to know what they need to discuss and include in a "product stewardship" report?  If you could add this to the previous report, they'd be grateful.

I appreciate your assistance, Visitor.  That really helps out this week.

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