Time to Fly

Time to Fly

So, Visitor, you've had lots of practice in the workshop now and planned a job or two on your own.  Are you ready to fly?

This is your chance to build something you want to build.  The restrictions include:

  1. physical products only (no digital ones; that's computer science, not Design Tech)
  2. build-able using tools and resources from our workshop (if you need something we don't stock, check with Number 1 about the possibility of obtaining it; it may be available)
  3. must complete the entire project, including final reflection, by May 24th.

Shouldn't be too hard to find a project you want to build within those limitations, right Visitor?

The first stage of this flight is to define your flight plan.  As with prior projects, you start with Inquiring & Analyzing.  In this case, that means defining what you want to build.  Things to include in this section of your project folder are listed below.  Feel free to use the Design Brief template for planning this if you want.

  1. Description of your idea, verbally
  2. Mood board of inspirations
  3. List of key specifications that will help you determine your project's success

This should be fully fleshed out, not a quick-and-dirty version so you can get past the planning stage.  Number 1 will be looking these over with you thoroughly, so do a really good job, Visitor.

Top flight, Visitor.  Next step, sketching ideas.  You're in the air!

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