More nuts and bolts, Visitor.  It seems like we have rather a lot of them.  :-)

This time, let's talk about...time.


While you're in class, you're expected to be working on material for Nolat Labs, Visitor.  We give you a pretty wide latitude about how you spend your time here.

  • If you feel working in the workshop is the most valuable use of your time, that's fine.
  • If you'd rather spend some of your time studying the academic side with colleagues and some on projects, that's fine.
  • If you want to focus mostly on the academics, that's fine.

As long as you continue to make progress on your jobs, work your way through the various departments, and pass the periodic assessments, nobody will question much how you spend your time.

On the other hand, if Number One notices you spending time on other classes' homework, socializing (online or IRL), or otherwise wasting your time here, you'll likely feel a tap on your shoulder and get an invitation to purchase some minus time, or Damage.  Not so fun.

If you get such an invitation, the Company Store is where you'll head in order to record your minus time or Damage.  You can also record Damage in the Convenience Store, from The Daily.

By continuing one, you indicate your understanding and agreement to this policy.  So, Visitor, time to choose wisely once again.


Excellent!  Now, a couple notes about your time.  You can check at any moment how many minutes you've accumulated; it's in your status popup (hover your cursor over the progress bar in the upper left) and on your stats panel (click the word "Stats" in the upper left).

You can turn Minutes into credits, in the Company Store.  You can also exchange Minutes for Honor. Check in the "Repair & Exchange Shop" part of the Store.

021The clever among you will notice immediately that you can earn yourself a lot of extra credits by working a bit outside of class.  This is also a way to make up time, should you be so unfortunate as to have earned yourself an invitation to buy some minus time.

Got that?

Right, that's about enough policies and procedures for a while.  There's more to share, but this stuff gets pretty dry, so I'll send you on up to the Safety Department (floor 2) now.  I'll see you more later, Visitor.

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