Tour of the modeling department

Tour of the modeling department

Howdy!  I'm Dodavi and I'm just tickled to welcome you ta the third floor!  Let's take a look 'round here, OK?

While you're with me, we have several really important areas and skills for you to learn.  These are critical, because a lot of your DT Project (your "Internal Assessment" or "IA" in official speak) depends on these skills:

  1. Conceptualizing (that's "thinking about it and capturing those pesky rambling thoughts")
  2. Sketching
  3. Building physical models, out of paper, cardboard, foam, wood, and so on
  4. Computer Aided Design (or CAD), and
  5. Rapid Prototyping (model building using machines & technology)

You can see there's a lot to cover here! Take a look at where things are stored.

Got all that, partner?  Let's move on.

cameraCratingOne of the first skills I'll have you practice here is sketching.  It helps you see what's really around you.  When you can sketch better, you can see better And you can capture what you see.  So work through the Sketching Challenge quests and really improve your sketching.

You'll also need to do at least a couple quests in each of the other areas of our department.  There're two reasons for this:

  1. You need to know the details about what each of these areas are and why we use them. (The IB includes this stuff on their exam.)
  2. You need to be able to use each of these skills, in order to do a good job on your Design Project.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.18.16 PMSo, before you leave the Modeling Department, Visitor, make sure you're comfortable in each of our core areas.  It usually takes around 6 weeks for most new employees to get through this floor, so I'll be seeing plenty of you for a while.

Pay attention!  Did that get your full attention?  Good, 'cause this is really important, Visitor.  In the Modeling department, the Challenges (Sketching and otherwise) are supposed to stretch your skills.  To develop you.  If you are doing a Challenge and it's not challenging, then you need to try something harder.  Don't waste your time in the Labs doing stuff you can already do well.

That's the end of the tour.  Nothing else to do here but pick up your next job in the department.  Head back to Floor 3 for that.  See you soon!

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