Your camera is your friend

Your camera is your friend

This is a shorty if you already have a camera, including one on a smartphone.  If you don't it may be a little more involved.

Basically, Visitor, you'll be expected to be documenting everything you work on here in the Labs.  That will require the use of a camera.  The one in your phone (if you have one) is just fine.  In fact, it's perfect, because it makes saving the image to your portfolio easy.  That's the point: saving a record of your progress, successes, failures, and learning to your portfolio.

So, if you already own a smartphone, you're all set.  If you have a camera built into your laptop, that'll work too (though it's a bit more cumbersome).

If you don't have easy access to a camera like this, you'll need to make arrangements with one of your classmates who does, or use the class iPhone.  See Number One about that - he can show you where it is and how to use it, if you need.  Keep in mind that there may be more than one colleague needing the class camera, so you'll need to coordinate together in order to ensure you all get adequate time to document your progress.

Final point: you are expected to document your work during every class period.  Including short-blocks, assembly days, half-days, and so on.  You'll need it for what comes next.

OK, Visitor.  Let's talk about documenting your work in a broader sense.  Head back to the Building Directory and take the job called "Reflection."

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