Ting-Ting Chou, IB Graduate 2010
NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand
B.A. Industrial Design, Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan
(Originally posted at http://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2014/09/22/designtech/)

ting“Taking IB Design Technology has helped me with my design studies in university. Through the workshop practices and design basics that we learned in DP design technology, I was able to recognize and use many of the tools and machines provided at university. I also was already familiar with some design-related terms and skills before my professors started explaining them.

In addition, as we were required to build a model in IB design Technology, I was fortunate enough to have the outcome in the portfolio for my university application. It was also an opportunity to experience being in the design field and see if you are actually interested in it or not.

From what I have known, many of my classmates from Design Technology pursued in design-related majors, such as furniture design, fashion design, interior design, advertising and design management. To sum up, I would say that taking Design Technology was definitely a factor that led me choose what I major in now. As an industrial design student, I felt that my freshman year was a little easier with the previous preparation I have done in IB Design Technology.

Not only did it inspire me to pursue further study in field of design but it prepared me well for my freshman year as much of the course was an extension of work done in IB DT in particular the Design project and investigations using the design process.”

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